Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) & CSG Waiver

As VoIP Phone is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service which is provided over your Internet connection, it is necessary for you to agree to the following Customer Service Guarantee Waiver before we can supply you with the VoIP service you have ordered. This means that you will not be allowed to claim compensation if we fail to meet set standards for connection times, fault restoration, and appointment times.

We need you to do this because we cannot guarantee the date of provisioning or the restoration time of your VoIP service if a fault occurs with the internet or your underlying physical connection that supports your Internet service.

This waiver does not stop you from contacting us about a fault with your service, and it is not a waiver for us to avoid doing our best to restore or provision your service as quickly as possible.

This waiver applies to all Lightspeed Internet VoIP services.

The Customer Service Guarantee

Information about the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) may be found on the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s website. The CSG requires us to meet performance standards for standard telephone services. The minimum CSG requirements are:

  • Providing written information at least every two years (or upon request at any time) about the CSG performance standards, our obligations and your right to compensation under the CSG.
  • Guaranteed maximum periods to connect new services.
  • Guaranteed maximum periods for fault rectification.
  • Maximum time frames for customer appointments.

The CSG contains exceptions for certain events such as extreme weather. If we do not meet the requirements and an exception doesn’t apply, you may be entitled to compensation under the CSG.

Waiver of the CSG

By agreeing to this waiver you will not be entitled to any CSG rights. Specifically, you will not be entitled to being provided with written information about the CSG, guaranteed maximum connection periods, guaranteed maximum rectification periods and maximum time frames for appointments. You will not be entitled to compensation for failure to meet such performance standards.

You have no obligation to consent to the proposed waiver. However, if you do not consent we have the right to decline your application.

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